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What we do

What we do..

At DCB Design Studio, we provide the full service from concept design and planning approval to construction documentation and administration.  We cater for projects throughout Victoria with more than a decade of experience and specialize in bespoke homes and multi-residential developments.


Our aim is to create buildings that are intimately connected to their function and individual context, not predetermined form.

To incorporate natural light, clean and open living spaces with focus on sustainability.  

Clients choose DCB Design Studio because we pay attention & we want to be completely immersed in your journey to create your dream home or investment project. 

We are known for our sensitive approach and gain immense satisfaction from taking our client's ideas and making them a reality and recognize the importance of accommodating our client's specific needs and preferences.

We believe Innovation is key and with every project we are persistently looking to create something truly unique whether it be through design form, layout, construction method, finishes or technology.

As we are a boutique firm, the personalized service that we offer means you will deal with the same person and develop a mutual working relationship throughout the project.

Regardless if the project is a bespoke home, family holiday house, suburban sanctuary or multi-residential investment development our aim is to  always surpass our clients expectations.  No project is too big or too small.


Furthermore, our project fees are fixed so there is never any hidden surprises.

Our Services

> Design

> 3d visualization

> Town Planning

> Landscape Design

> Interior Design

> Construction Documentation

> Consultant Administration

> Construction Administration

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Building Designer Services
Our Process

Our Process

Schematic Design

Every project starts with the client design brief, vision board and schematic design workshop.


Week 1. Design Brief

We provide you with a design brief which you complete with your family.

This allows us to understand your must have items and wish list in addition to your motivations and lifestyle needs.

Each of our clients have access to our online project portal.  This is a project diary where you can upload your inspiration board, have access to the project files as they come available and also upload any revisions along the process.

It is also at this stage where we conduct our site research and reveal any possible site constraints due to local zoning, easements, site constraints, site orientation and neighbouring buildings which may come into play dependant of the scope of works.


Week 2. Schematic Design

Design workshop commences where we develop the clients inspiration board and ideas and convert them into floor plans, elevations & 3d model if included.  During this stage we also review the progress of the design against relevant planning guidelines and building code to ensure compliance.


Week 3. Presentation

The concept plans are presented to the client  for initial review and a design meeting is scheduled in office to review & discussed in person. Here we also present the 3d model on the big screen where exterior and interior materials, mood board and theme of spaces will be considered.


Week 4 - 5. Final Concept

Once the necessary refinements are made to the design, you have decided on the concept design you would like to proceed with.

We create one final set of concept drawings and receive your approval before we proceed to the next stage of the project.

Week 6.  Builder Engagement

It is advised at this stage of the process to obtain estimate quotes from builders to ensure your project is within your budget prior to moving onto the next stage.  We can also assist in obtaining quotes from several commendable builders which we have long standing relationships.

Interior Design

If included in your design package this stage will enhance your understanding in the dynamics of your home inside and out, particularly where combined with the 3d modelling package as we detail both internal and external finishing materials.

We feel it is extremely important to make good use of every inch of space available and reduce any unnecessary wastage, all while creating spaces that enhances aura and quality of daily living.

It is necessary to consider furniture, fittings and fixtures in the earlier design stages as they have a direct impact on functionality and will evidently result in compromised living spaces if not taken into account early.

Your selections in finishes should express your taste, support your budget and withstand short lived fashion whims you will be forced to live with for many years.

3d Modelling

If chosen to include our 3d modelling option with your design package we develop the 3d model together with schematic design.

3d visualization allows our customers to really get a feel for the design, the flow between indoor and outdoor spaces and overall theme of the building in its entirety.

Design meetings involve loading the 3d model of your project on the big screen where we can make live changes and see them in affect immediately to refine the design to our client's satisfaction.

This also takes all the hard work out of material/color selections.

In cases where your project is an investment & you would like to advertise prior to construction we can help enhance your sales & marketing efforts with renderings showcasing the most appealing aspects of your project including exterior, interior, streetscape rendering & 3d floor plans.


Design Development / Town Planning

Now that you are happy with the design, it's time to create a set of detailed drawings that will reflect the finished product.

Dependant on locality, type of project, site characteristics and overlays, a planning permit may be necessary for your project.

Preliminary discussions with council town planners may need to  be undertaken to determine this.

The planning process involves taking the concept design and developing a set of drawings including detailed floor plans, elevation drawings, shadow diagrams and a written report in response to the relevant council guidelines and compliance with Australian Standards while maintaining client objectives.  These drawings take into account dimensions, boundary setbacks, building heights, planning overlays, construction methods and finishing materials.

We take your project from schematic design through the planning process involving design correspondence, advertising and any dealings with required consultants efficiently and with expertise to ensure a Planning Permit is issued.

Where a planning permit is not required this stage is merged with construction documentation.


Construction Documentation

Here the project moves into working construction drawings.

This phase involves preparation of detailed construction drawings, specifications and schedules that collates all aspects of the project including the technical. The aim of this stage is to look at all the finer details in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

It involves careful consideration of fittings, fixtures, materials and finishes to achieve each clients desired outcome.

Through out this stage we coordinate and work closely with consultants who bring expertise relevant to structural, mechanical, electrical and finishes.

Once we have the working drawings complete we can guide you through the process of obtaining your Building Permit. 

We work closely with a number of contractors, builders and consultants which can take you project to the construction stage.

If a builder has been engaged, they review the design against the client's budget to make any final adjustments prior to applying for a building permit.


External Consultants

Once the set of drawings have been reviewed and approved by the client we engage the structural engineer, civil engineer & energy assessor to carry out their design and certification in preparation for a building permit.

Dependant on the scope of project it may be necessary to involve mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors.


Contractor Selection

Where a builder has yet to be engaged, we source up to 3 construction quotes on the clients behalf. We check and compare the contract inclusions and help our client choose their builder and negotiate a suitable building contract.


Construction Administration

Our diligence extends to the construction phase and final result to ensure our clients get a quality finish and minimize site issues.

Where included in the project scope of works this phase involves visits to the construction site during the 5 main stages of construction being; base stage, frame stage, lock-up, fixing/fit-off stage & completion and also any issues that may arise in between.

Throughout the construction process, we can act as an impartial mediator between the builder and property owner to ensure the project is being constructed as per the approved working drawings and where any variations arise that they are in fact necessary and fair.

Download our design brief and let's start designing your dream home.

If you would like to know more about our process and services.

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