Concept Design

 Our design process is driven by a consistent philosophical approach... art of dwelling

Our aim is to create buildings that are intimately connected to their function and individual context, not predetermined form.

To incorporate natural light, clean and open living spaces with focus on sustainability.  

We are known for our sensitive approach and gain immense satisfaction from taking our client's ideas and making them a reality.

We recognise the importance of accommodating our client's specific needs and preferences. 

Our response to site, context, affordability and program drives the evolution of each project.

As we are a small firm, the personalised service that we offer means you will deal with the same people and develop a mutual working relationship throughout the project.  

Town Planning

Dependant on locality, type of project, site characteristics and overlays.. a planning permit may be necessary.

Preliminary discussions with council town planners may need to  be undertaken to determine this.

The planning process involves taking the concept design and devoloping a set of drawings including detailed floor plans, elevation drawings, shadow diagrams and a report detailing the response to the relevant council guidelines and compliance with Australian Standards while maintaining client objectives.

At DC we take your project from design stage, through the planning stages involving design correspondence, advertising and any dealings with required consultants efficiently and with expertise to ensure a Planning Permit is issued.


It is our goal to maximise development opportunities and site potential to exceed each clients expectations.



Contract Documentation

This stage involves the preparatioin of working drawings , specifications and schedules that collates all aspects of the project including the technical. The aim of this stage is to look at all the finer details in terms of aesthetics and functionality. It involves careful consideration of fittings, fixtures, materials and finishes to achieve the desired outcome.

Through out this stage we coordinate and work closely with consultants who bring expertise relevant to structure, mechanical, electrical and finishes. Depending on the nature and scale of the project the client may have a builder in mind, in which case we will work closely with them to develop the project based on an outlined budget. 

Once we have the working drawings complete we can guide you through the process of obtaining your Building Permit.  We work closely with a number of contractors, builders and consultants which can take you project to the construction stage including Engineering, Energy Raters, Arborists and Landscapers.



Interior Design

Weather you have no budget in mind or are designing on a dime, your interior design project can transform your home from being beautiful and alluring to the house of your dreams..

In short, selections such as paint, flooring, finishes, lighting, furniture choice and layout can provide unmeasureable satisfaction for years to come.

Choices in lighting or even paint selections can ultimately, completely change the look of your home.

The path you choose should express your tastes, support your budget and withstand short lived fashion whims you will be forced to live with for many years. Some styles simply dont age well!


We offer our clients 3d representations and facilitate from material selection to furniture layout to achieve the desired result.


3d Animation & Rendering

During the design process we can develop 3d photorealistic renderings to help you shape your dream home or project.

In some cases some things just arent that simple to visualize until you can see it in its true form.

3d animations take it to the next level showcasing the architecture, amenities, interior design and landscape features.


In cases where your project is an investment and you would like to advertise on the market prior to construction we can help enhance your sales and marketing effors with renderings showcasing the most appealing aspects of your project including exterior/interior renderings, architectural animations, floor plan renderings and streescape rendering.



At DC we not only offer our services at an exceptional standard but also would like to guide our clients projects to the next stages of works. We have established commendable relationships with builders and contractors who can assist with things such as Engineering, Surveying, Energy Rating, Landscaping and more..